Best Paper Award

“Efficient phosphor-free, white light emission by using ordered arrays of GaN/InGaN nanocolumnar LEDs grown by Selective Area MBE”
by E. Calleja, A. Bengoechea-Encabo, S. Albert, M.A. Sanchez-Garcia, F. Barbagini, E. Luna, A. Trampert, U. Jahn, P. Lefebvre
Prof. Enrique Calleja
Researcher Ana Bengoechea
ISOM-UPM (Spain)
Researcher Steven Albert
ISOM-UPM (Spain)
Dr. M.A. Sanchez-Garcia
ISOM-UPM (Spain)
Dra. Francesca Barbaginni
ISOM-UPM (Spain)
Dr. Pierre Lefebvre
Univ. Montpellier II (France)
Dra. Esperanza Luna, Paul Drude Institut (Germany)
Dr. Achim Trampert
Paul Drude Institut (Germany)
Dr. Uwe Jahn
Paul Drude Institut (Germany)
Best Poster Awards:
First Place

“Applications of Metal/PVDF-trFE/Graphene Devices for Future Electronics”
by Byoung Hun Lee, Hyeon Jun Hwang, Eun Jeong Paek, Young Gon Lee, Chang Goo Kang,
Sang Kyung Lee and Chun Hum Cho
Byoung Hun Lee
Hyeon Jun Hwang
Eun Jeong Paek
Young Gon Lee
Chang Goo Kang
Sang Kyung Lee
Chun Hum Cho
Second place

“Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitor Based Reconfigurable On-Chip Energy Storage and Management for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes”
by Dongsheng Ma and Bingqing Wei
Dongsheng Ma
Bingqing Wei
Third place

“Ferromagnetic Behavior in Ytterbium-doped and Ion Implanted GaN Semiconductor” 
by J. Wu, H. Huhtinen, W. J. Jadwisienczak, and R. Palai (student paper)
Mr. Javier Wu
Dr. Hannu Huhtinen
Dr. Wojciech Jadwisienczak
Dr. Ratnakar Palai