WOFE-2011 is the seventh in the series of emerging frontiers of electronics workshops. The Workshop focuses on topics ranging from CMOS and SOI to wide band gap semiconductor technology, terahertz technology, and bioelectronics. The WOFE-2011 program provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary discussions of key issues of micro, nano- and bio-electronics, photonics, and magnetics.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together leading scientists and engineers who work at the frontiers of electronic devices and circuits, yet represent traditionally separated fields and have different professional backgrounds. Rapid pace of electronic technology evolution and current economic climate compel a merger of such technical areas as low-power digital electronics, microwave power circuits, optoelectronics, etc., which collectively have become the foundation of today's electronic technology. The Workshop aims at encouraging active cross-fertilization of the different "species" in this electronic planet. 

The WOFE-2011 will gather experts from academia, industry, and government agencies to review the recent exciting breakthroughs and their underlying physical mechanisms. The program committee invites discussions of controversial issues, provocative views, and visionary outlooks. Debates on the future trends and directions and the market pulls as well as the necessary policy and infrastructure changes are encouraged. Attempts will be made by the committee to solicit alternative views and rebuttals.